The Useless tools


The Useless Tools is my imaginary band.  I blast out occasional rough demos of old songs of mine and upload them. Style varies radically as does quality and coarseness of language.  In my head the Useless Tools are a teenage garage band,  so I like to leave things rough and punky and often each track is the first take. Some  are remakes of songs I originally wrote for the DeadRats, a fictional puck band in a series of Fringe shows in the early 2000's.


Official Band Bio:

"The Useless Tools were discovered at the bottom of a rusty toolbox in 2005. They are: Flathead, the bent screwdriver, guitar and vocals; Schizo, the dull scissors, drums and vocals; and Rusty, the rusty precision calipers, bass and vocals. They are produced by eccentric billionaire recluse, Paul Morgan Donald in his mansion/studio in the hills over Edmonton."  



Here are the Useless Tools.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

Remember the Dinosaurs

Video for "Remember the Dinosaurs" by the Useless Tools.