Original Musicals

Paul has co-created many musicals over more than three decades as a composer, lyricist, book writer, musical director, and director, including Marg Skaluba (Pissy's Wife) (script by Ron Chambers);   Reefer Madness! The Musical! (book by Adrien Lackey); The Adventures of Wanda & Jack (co-created and performed with Michele Fleiger (photo left);  Songs for a Dark Lady [Shakespeare's lyrics set to original melodies];  Kink!, a musical about the life and times of 1950's pinup queen Bettie Page,  and Remoka Rink, (with book by Conni Massing) set at a small town hockey rink, commissioned for the Alberta Winter Games in 1992.   He also teaches workshops on the craft of writing  musicals, drawing on his multi-faceted experience.


Composer & Sound Designer

  As a theatre composer and sound designer, Paul's credits include  contemporary and period scores and sound designs for the Free Will Shakespeare Festival , the Varscona Theatre Ensemble, Teatro la Quindicina, the Citadel Theatre, Theatre Yes, and original scores and sound designs for theatres across Canada.


Actor / Musician

Paul works in theatre, television and film as an actor, often in roles requiring musical skills.  A multi-instrumentalist, Paul plays guitar, keys, bass, mandolin, harmonica, banjo, trumpet and trombone.